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Aussies Go West | Bellewoods Woodlands

Go West – Aussies are told – To Malaysia to retireA recent book recommends that retirees in Australia moved to Malaysia as this country offers retirement visas, great healthcare, and a lower cost of living.
The two authors, Colleen Ryan and Stefan Wyatt wrote a book together called, “Sell Up, Pack Up And Take Off”, this books shows retirees from Australia Bellewoods Woodlands how they can live comfortably for far less by retiring in Asia instead of Europe.

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In a recent interview in the age, they compared the cost of living between Malaysia’s fun on and Sydney based on cost of living statistics that were user generated on the website Bellewoods Woodlands.
They discovered that Sydney’s prices for groceries was 50% higher, restaurant prices were over 65% higher and rent for flats was a whopping 85% higher than in Malaysia in the city of Penang.
In an article called, “Stretched? Try Calling Asia Home”, they noted that Thailand and Malaysia are outstanding retirement destinations, as they have excellent medical facilities and a high standard of living.

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Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines all offer retirement visas. The Philippines and Malaysia represent the gold standard however for visas. For instance the Malaysian, “My Second Home” visa, is good for 10 years in Bellewoods Woodlands.
Australians living in Malaysia can also receive their retirement or pension checks there as well according to Wyatt and Ryan.


On the website international living listed Malaysia as one of the top 5 retirement destinations in its 2014 global retirement index.
This January Malaysia topped of the list for Asian retirement destinations for its high quality of life, low cost of living, and its high standard for healthcare that is provided there.

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