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Mortgage Rates Bellewoods EC

Bellewoods Mortgage Rates Seen around the World

According to’s newest compiled quarterly index, 2014 has seen an increase of 17% in inquiries coming in from property investors for Bellewoods EC and buyers who wish to purchase property overseas.
It’s fairly easy to understand this upturn, given such factors as the lowest mortgage rates on record being available to buyers overseas, and the British pound being much stronger when compared against the U.S. Dollar and the Euro.
The organization has been able to establish just where the best deals by comparing mortgage rates for Bellewoods EC across destinations most popular to expatriates.
Keep in mind that all of the given rates are an average. The actual rates are determined by factors, such as an individual’s financial status, type and location of the property, the required size of the mortgage and loan to value.

A look at mortgage rates around the globe


According to the index, of all of the locations, Spain remains the most popular for expats, accounting for 24% of the inquiries the company received. This is due to the availability of some very good repossession properties and mortgage rates being offered for as little as 2.75%
The Head of Angelos Koutsoudes has stated that a recent prediction made by IMF says Spain, in terms of economic growth, will be the one to lead the European Union over the next year. If we combine this with the low rates on offer and an ongoing commitments by the Spanish government to entice buyers from overseas, it is easy to understand why Spain is still such prominent choice.


Coming in second by just a few percent, 21% of the inquiries that the company has had in 2014 so far have are for properties in France. France’s constant popularity is fuelled even further by ECB’s (European Central Bank) drop in interest rates for Bellewoods through Europe, making securing a mortgage in France much more possible and for as little as 1.80%.

Bellewoods Mortgage Rates


Portugal’s rates are a bit higher at 4.10%. However, this is due to the nation desiring to keep the economy safeguarded since there has been a shift in a more positive direction once more. Koutsoudes commented that they have had nearly 3,000 inquiries regarding property buying in Portugal for 2014 thus far. For expats, the Algarve is still the most popular choice, more so for those who are seeking a buy to let investment or a change in their lifestyle.


Italy has also benefited from the low base rate set out by ECB. There, it is possible to acquire a 2.9% rate on a variable mortgage. Italian property has seen a reduction in taxes that are involved in the process of purchasing. Add to this a lack of inheritance tax in Bellewoods, along with no Capital Gains Tax past 5 years, and we can understand its growing popularity, stated Koutsoudes.


In Turkey, a buyer can pick up a mortgage for a rate close to 6.40%. 2014 has proven to be a year of significant growth for Turkey, regardless of the political conflicts being seen recently. This would suggest that those overseas property buyers who are discerning enough haven’t been swayed away from picking up bargain properties that are ready and available.

Bellewoods Rates in Woodlands


Some big indications of recovery are being seen in the U.S market. With 3.50% mortgage rates being available to buyers overseas, this trend looks set to continue.


Both New Zealand and Australia constantly draw in expat buyers to begin with for Bellewoods, more so with rates of 5.85% and 4.65% respectively available to be secured.


With its rates of 3.99%, and most of the world being focused on Dubai’s investment opportunities as we approach the World Expo 2020, Dubai will no doubt see a continued interest coming from overseas buyers.
OverseasGuidesCompany’s currency partner,, had its Founder and Director, Charles Purdy, sound a bit of a warning, stating that it is important for buyers overseas to comprehend how important it is to manage their monthly currency transfer effectively of their regular payments like a mortgage rate in Bellewoods.
He further points out that anyone who has benefited from these excellent mortgage rates would not want to find themselves losing all of the money that they potentially saved themselves due to bank fee charges and adverse exchange rates for Bellewoods EC in Woodlands.
It’s important to look for ways that you can lessen or manage this risk by utilizing a payments program plan that is reliable. You can also wait to purchase currency when rates are more favorable for Bellewoods EC.

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