Bellewoods EC – Woodlands EC by Qingjian Realty

Bellewoods EC – Woodlands EC by Qingjian Realty. Register for Executive Condominium Showflat and E-Application Here

Real Estate Investments in Bellewoods

Last year investment in real estate for property use shot up over 100% in the final quarter of the year. This equated to $360 million, which is up from hundred and $56 million in Q 3. So the naysayers in the Singapore property investment arena are once again proven wrong.

There were some big winners Blackstone acquired 18 units at Patterson suites for an estimated $83 million.

48 units were sold at treasure on Baltimoral for $185 million by the Haip Hoe Holding Company.

The biggest winners however, were the Chinese whose developers went aggressively after government land sales in this last quarter of 2014.

Real Estate Investments Bellewoods

Some other interesting events for Bellewoods then added spice to the market was Nan Shan Group Singapore was awarded a private residential site license near upper Thomson Road at $173.6 million, while NEC (executive condominium) development was awarded in the Sembawang area for $229.4 million Qingian Reality Corporation. It was interesting to note the price paid was over $21 million higher than their nearest competitor.

Bellewoods EC Woodlands

Going forward into 2015, this type of market for Bellewoods is expected to slow a bit due to a slump in the residential market conditions.

This is because the government has headed that the Additional Buyers Stamp Duties (ABS the) will not be removed, barring a meaningful correction in the market during 2015. This in conjunction with the continual enforcement of the Total Debt Service Framework, real estate investors are likely to stay on the sidelines until they receive a much clearer direction from the government that the market has bottomed out before they resume investing.

Bellewoods EC Investment

In the meantime, developers for Bellewoods, as well as well-heeled investors are continuing to find creative ways to get around these regulations to manage their portfolios to continue making profits.

One example of creative bookkeeping done by CDL, who has partnered with Blackstone’s technical opportunities fund and CIMB Bank Berhad Labuan Offshore Branch are investing in cash flow of their combined properties in Sentosa Cove, shared Swee Shou Fern. The above information was furnished by DTZ who is watching closely the outcome of these various activities by developers and foreign investor for Bellewoods.

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