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Heritgage in Sol Acres

The Sembawang area has a rich and interesting history to it. It was named after the locally known Sembawang tree, also known as the Kayea Ferruginea tree. In the earlier 20th century Sembawang was the site for an estate known as Nee Soon Sol Acres. Later, during colonial times, it was converted into a major British naval base. It was 1928 when construction was started and this wasn’t finished until a decade later in 1938. Colonial barracks where built into the area during this 10 year long period of construction. Because of the use of monochrome colours on its design the barracks were referred to as “black and white” houses at Sol Acres Choa Chu Kang Grove.

The naval base was relinquished to the government when Singapore gained its independence. In 1968 the government converted the site into a commercial dockyard known as Sembawang Shipyard Sol Acres, which then carried on to become a major industrial conglomerate called Sembawang Corporation owned by the state.

Evolution through the years for Sol Acres

In the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s 1996 planning report, the first mention regarding plans to develop Sembawang for Sol Acres EC was made. With the help of zoning maps, the Development Guide Plan highlighted a variety of proposals for land zoning. This ultimately led to Sembawang New town’s creation. Sembawang has withstood some very large transformations over the past 2.5 decades and in the present is host to a public housing estate that is quite vibrant. The new town hosts a variety of the most community geared facilities to be found in Singapore, such as primary schools, the Sembawang Bus Interchange and MRT station, and shopping malls.

Sol Acres EC Amenity and housing improvements

Because it is a constantly growing town, development of Sol Acres will continue, bringing in more housing, amenities and transportation infrastructures for its residents. Future homeowners will be able to look forward to a larger selection in housing with the progressive development in the east and south of Sembawang.

Projects in Sol Acres

At the moment, private non-landed residential projects are in a limited supply. In recent years we have only seen two new launches of private non-landed developments along with one launch of an executive condo, such as Sol Acres, Canberra Residences and Skypark Residences (which is an EC). As of February of 2015 the Nautical 99% sold out. Canberra Residences has completely sold out and Skypark Residences has seen a steady stream of sales since it was launched in November of 2013. Going by the most recent data from URA, it shows this last project is now 69% sold out, having sold 347 of its 506 units of Sol Acres.

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