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Bellewoods EC Woodlands Rental

Bellewoods EC Woodlands Rental seen as a benchmark for Rental Market

The cost of rent for public apartments are anticipated to remain low for the rest of the year, as there are more flats available, reported home consultants and announced on television. Primarily, real-estate information show that HDB rents fallen 2.3%. Real estate property experts interviewed note that this may just the beginning of a continued slowdown in the EC market with the 1st EC launching as Woodlands Bellewoods EC.

Woodlands Rent near Woodlands Town

Eugene Lim, Key Executive Officer (KEO) at ERA Realty is expecting rental prices to lower an extra 5 to 6 percent compared to the previous year, other analyst see a more drastic drop in the rental for Woodlands Bellewoods EC. Nicholas Mak, Research Head at SLP International is expecting a 4-6 percent drop. The surplus for rent also provides renters with a lot more options to choose from. The worst-hit locations are the ones without having easy-access to amenities, like trains and buses. However, many agents think that demand is constantly on the hold up in fully developed locations as well as those near MRT stations near Bellewoods EC Woodlands. Meanwhile, level of competition is expected to further expand as more suburban private properties are anticipated to be ready next year.

Woodlands Rental EC

Rent stays low in most areas near Woodlands Bellewoods EC

While figures shows slipping development activity is actually adversely influencing the general economic system, a decrease in house asking prices can induce an even greater threat, based on press reports. The boarder drop in house prices may have a larger impact on the general economy as housing forms an important part of the economy.

Bellewoods Woodlands Rental

Demand for Woodlands BTO Flats

The drop in demand in Bellewoods EC Woodlands can also be seen at September’s Built-To-Order (BTO) exercises located in non-mature estates. Applications are lower even when the governing had made it possible for existing flat house owners buying these houses to pay for lower down payment. reported the press. Last week, HDB unveiled the Staggered Deposit Structure for Bellewoods EC to assist existing property owners who wants to downgrade to smaller flats, especially the elderly who will be having income conditions.

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